life after lockdown

What will be life after lockdown ends?

Will we be able to live like normal ever again? Will corona go away? These are the questions that haunt many of us and are giving sleepless nights to many.

The ongoing conditions are getting worse day by day with increase in patients suffering from coronavirus and also the increase in death rate. While many out there believe that it is a way of nature healing itself from the destruction man has made, WHO has warned that the worst is yet to come.

A virus named as COVID19 that leaked out of a lab in China has brought the world on its knees. Even the strongest powers of medical foundation like USA and Italy are suffering from the pandemic. With the economies shut and life come to a halt it seems very difficult to survive.

The governments of various countries are working very hard to save their people and the medical teams are researching on the vaccination. There have been a lot of negative results but still we are waiting for the silver light from the dark clouds.

With words like social distancing and zoom bombing, it seems like a dream that we will be living normally ever again. With masks becoming an essential need and washing hands a regular practice people will refrain from visiting each other’s place even after the lockdown comes to an end.

A quick look on what is coronavirus?

It started on 31st December 2019 when people of China started having issues related to cold, cough and difficulty in breathing. By the end of January, coronavirus was all over the world and had also started showing disastrous symptoms. The virus which China states was a result of a failed experiment came out from its Wuhan laboratory and now has started bring mankind to an end.

It is a virus that spreads from person to person that is why countries are facing lockdown so that people remain inside and do not come in contact from any infected person. While lockdown was the only way out to save the people the economies have dropped badly.

What do we want now?

We do not want parks, malls or luxurious things but now the only thing we want is medicines. A proper vaccination that can prove to be successful in giving back to corona on its face. Though it has been proven that corona is a biological weapon of China, it is also stated that the country is already ready with the vaccine of the same.

Has there been a similar pandemic in the past too?

Yes there have been a lot of pandemics in the past too like: swine flu, EBOLA, H1N1, Bubonic plague. The WHO has stated that coronavirus is a new virus and the world has never seen such kind of destruction ever. They have also stated that if this virus will not be controlled then this could mark the end of days for mankind.

How will the life be after lockdown?

The central governments of different countries have shut down public places and have imposed restriction on movement of people from one place to another. Though the time is challenging and difficult but everyone is trying hard to survive.

Life after lockdown is going to be very challenging for all. Social distancing is going to be mandatory everywhere. People will be made to wear masks and gloves. Less of workforce will be employed in offices and work from home opportunities will increase.

People have learnt the importance of cleanliness and will follow this for many years to come. COVID 19 has made life difficult and also has given a new perspective to live.

Now once the lockdown gets over it will be difficult to state that life will be normal as we all understand it wont be. But still we can try our best to save ourselves and our family from this pandemic as the truth is that it is not going anywhere soon.