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Street Food Of Delhi One Must Try

The historical capital of India is the foodie’s delight. From street food to the international cuisines, Delhi or we lovingly call it dilli can blow your mind in every expanse. You can experience both the moods as you can dine and wine and at the same time, you can gorge on the street food of Dilli. The street food in Delhi is considered as the best street food in India.

Given below are a few of the best street foods of Delhi that you should not miss, once in the capital.

1. Chole Bhature: Lip Smacking Street Food Of Delhi

1. Chole Bhature: Lip Smacking Street Food Of Delhi
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Trust me, only Delhi provides with the best chole bhature in the world. The extra care and the less soda makes the bhature more fluffy and make it the king of the street food in Delhi. And I am not going to discuss the secret ingredient that makes the chole more rich and appetizing. It is the best street food that every foodie should try.

2. Gole-gappe: Most Loved Street Food Of Delhi

Gol Gappa: Street Food Of Delhi
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Try this street food in Delhi and you will forget the pani-puri of Mumbai and the puchka of Kolkata. The other variations of gole-gappa can never beat the taste that Delhi has to offer.

Aloo poori: Economical Food Of Delhi

Yummy food
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This is a very spicy and delectable Delhi cuisine. If you are in Delhi and yet you have not tried the aloo poori then you are missing the best of your life. It is a must-try for all foodies ever.

3. Dahi bhalla: Food Of Delhi

delicious platter
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You just can’t miss this street food once you are roaming in Delhi. The sweet curd mixed with a variety of chutneys poured upon the fluffy dal bhalla will give you the taste of heaven on earth. Mmmmmmm

4. Rolls

1. Chole Bhature: Lip Smacking Street Food Of Delhi
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The Delhi version of these rolls will keep you on your toes no matter where you try them. Every roll wala in Delhi has his secret ingredient to make his roll stand apart from the other roll walas for its goodness and delicious flavor.

5. Kachori with subzi

Street Food Of Delhi
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This food in Delhi will make you ask for more. Teary eyes and running nose, all the while you enjoy this spicy treat. Add a dash of coriander and chilies and you are all set to go.

6. Samose with chole

Street Food Of Delhi
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This fried flavorsome preparation is a unique make of Delhi street food. I promise you that your first bite of this delicacy will make you a crazy fan of this food among the fried street foods of Delhi. If you’re looking for some really good fried food in Delhi then you should go for it.

7. Ram laddoo


These fried dal pakoras are dice for its stuff. The crispiness of the radish and tanginess of the chutney mixed with the shredded carrots and onions is a heavenly dish that can put your taste buds on fire. It is every foodie’s fancy fantasy.

8. Kebabs


The best food in Delhi is kebabs. You will get a huge variety of kebabs in Delhi – from the kakori kebabs to galouti kebabs to the Shammi kebabs. All of these kebabs are full of flavors and spices that remind you of the nawabs. This is the juiciest and most tangy food of Delhi.

These are the best street food of Delhi that one must try when you visit the capital. I hope you like the article. If you have any suggestions do feel free to hit the comment box.

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