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Quick Egg Recipes for peeps in Self-isolation!

Looking for Quick Egg Recipes then read on and enjoy the lip smacking guide.

The widely loved comfort food and incredibly flexible egg are back in vogue. A new research found that people who eat high-protein breakfasts were able to regulate mid-meal hunger pangs at lunch and consumed fewer calories. The amount of protein consumed also plays an important role in maintaining your appetite and in satisfying it.

With the outburst of coronavirus people are being forced to stay indoors for their own safety. Staying at home means lot more chit chat with family and loads of cooking. For helping you in these tough times eggs are going to be your savior. Let’s discuss some quick egg recipes that will save your time and will also offer you delicious taste on your plate.

Cooking an egg is also an experience, despite the technique and accuracy involved. Start your mornings with our twists to traditional recipes on a nutritious note. You’ll never go for a plain omelete now! It’s nice to eat eggs since the human body needs a certain amount of protein every day. Eggetarians should eat an egg a day, while non-vegetarians can consume it about four days a week.

Eggs keep you satisfied for a longer period of time, and therefore help banish any early cravings. Need a patch on the protein? See no more! These recipes will hold all the strength you need to fuel your day.

Benefits of eating eggs

The egg’s white and yolk are nutrient-rich, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins D and E), and essential fatty acids are also present in the yolk. Eggs are also an essential and versatile product for cooking, since their unique chemical make-up is actually the catalyst to many essential baking reactions, since people have loved and nourished themselves with eggs since the chicken’s domestication. The egg has had its place in both religious and culinary culture, as a sign of fertility and regeneration for a long time.

Curries at home with rustic flavors of Indian cuisine to dishes that look straight from a fine restaurant, we’ve packed everything for you! All the recipes are under 30 minutes and, as usual, they’re simple! You know I cannot get bothered again with complicated recipes. Nutrition must be easy because life is still complicated— certain eggs have been feeding mankind for centuries now creating a variety of dishes in virtually every kitchen in the world. Including breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea treats, dinner and even midnight treats it has found its appearance in’ all day ‘ menus.

Eggs and immunity

When a study released by paediatrics magazine said that providing one egg a day to young children for six months would help them achieve high height, my confidence in eggs impressed more profoundly. It can, of course, be achieved with healthy quality food. In my daily meal plans, I’ve integrated egg recipes in every way possible and it never fails me.

When everyone is talking about increasing your immunity level eggs are going to be your best companion. Eggs got a bad name as their yolks are high in cholesterol, but the yolks are still a good protein source that can assist with immune-related issues. Zinc and selenium also produce egg yolks, which are essential minerals that help strengthen the immune system. Provide your scrambled eggs with two whites, but just one yolk, if cholesterol is an issue with your balanced diet.

To accept home cooking means to devote time and have a bit of fun in the kitchen.  With that in mind, add this list for your own experiments. Bring out your veggies and sauces and eggs. Let’s play with our creativity and give simple looking eggs a trendy look and turn them into lip smacking recipes that your complete family and enjoy relishing on.

Some quick egg recipes to soothe your taste buds during this lockdown period

 Egg Masala | Anda Curry best quick egg recipes

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Easy boiled eggs strengthened with a seasoning paste made in-house and crackling tempering. This egg masala can be a perfect choice for either a casual lunch or dinner party. This is an egg recipe which is simple and super quick. Just a pair of chapati or paratha and a delicious meal to taste.

Egg Chaat: one of the easiest quick egg recipes

This desi mixture of boiled eggs, tamarind, ketchup, lime, roasted cumin and boondi will leave you craving more! Very fast with no coking involved, egg chaat can be a special addition to the next dinner party’s snacks menu.

Egg and Garlic Fried Rice: quick egg recipes


Quick and smooth! Help yourself to a relaxing lunch with this incredibly simple meal that doesn’t take time at all. A tasty takeaway from chinese cuisine is the best way to use the leftover rice, egg and garlic fried rice. Whip up some egg and rice in a saucepan together and give your family a lively and delicious meal.

Egg Biryani | Anda Biryani delicious quick egg recipes

Wondering what the leftover rice should do? Build a bowl of this balanced egg biryani. Any time of the day eggs are perfect! Has anyone ever said no to a good, aromatic Biryani bowl? This egg biryani recipe creates just what a biryani lover would want with eggs tossed with rice and spices, both boiled and scrambled.

 Tomato Egg Curry: heavenly quick egg recipes

 A light and beautiful egg curry with tomato tang, and mild spices. A good pick for weight watchers. This Indian curry recipe is made of beautiful boiled eggs that are simmered and fried with spices and seasoning in a flavourful tomato gravy. Serve this Tomato Egg Curry for a wonderful whole meal with Indian bread, or fried rice.



Egg Bhurji Mumbai Style: Quick Egg Recipes

Quick Egg Recipes

Scrambled eggs made their way to India. Eggs, masalas and butter come together to make that side that is so much loved. Eggs render just about anything flexible. This Egg bhurji recipe is a personal favorite among all eggetarians because it’s simple and fast to make these scrambled eggs. Nice, with pav or toast!

Stuffed Egg: most loved quick egg recipes


A bit of work and this recipe will allow you to tap into your culinary abilities. Hard-boiled eggs filled with masalas, nuts, paste for cheese and tamarind, rolled in a thick batter and golden fried.


Omelette Curry


Omelettes are easy to fill and never dull! This recipe provides a new break from the regular, a curry based on tomatoes with omelette chunks dipped deep in. A change on the normal breakfast omelet, turn it around and eat lunch too!

Egg parantha

Feast on the protein-packed paratha with your taste buds. In most homes, Parathas being a quintessential Indian bread, is eaten for almost any meal. When paired with eggs it just makes any bite worth a mix. A mixture that will never go wrong, that’s going to keep you powered all day.

Anda keema ghotala

Mashed eggs made to taste with a buttered pav or paratha in a sweet onion and tomato gravy. A wonderful recipe for egg curry for dinner is a departure from standard curry

It’s absolutely incredible how these tiny superfoods taste just as good from softly fried poached eggs or plain hard-boiled eggs, to the most fried type as in anda kheema ghotala. This article is a list of all dinner egg recipes that fall into a healthy, wholesome Dinner recipes range.

The modest eggs somehow manage to find their way into my cupboard. The reasons to talk about it are not complex, they go beautifully well in all kinds of curry bases. On top of the cherry are eggs full of protein. One ovum contains 76 calories, 7.5 grams of protein, 5.1 grams of fat, 1.4 grams of saturated fat. Oh, who won’t want to feed their children on this!

In the area egg curries the honesty and innocence is a sure charmer. They’re so easy but with interesting flavors that you’re never done with. One of my top comforting dinner meals is a bowl of simmering hot egg curry with some steamed rice and ghee roti by the side. Even better egg meals are one-pot meals like an egg biryani or an egg drop soup!

Surely this is a treat for all the eggitarians out there who want the same comforting and homely food. I tell seek to keep fit and safe with every variation of your weekly meals plans.

This collection is a rough sketch to include several different ways of incorporating the delicious egg dinner recipes that will each take you on a great taste journey.

Relax these safe, family-run rice dishes to the comfort of your house. This collection is a rough sketch to include several different ways of incorporating the delicious egg dinner recipes that will each take you on a great taste journey.

Do not forget to share these quick egg recipes with your friends and help them enjoy this self-isolation period and give a healthy fight back to the deadly virus.