Places to visit in Delhi: A complete travel guide

looking for places to visit in Delhi? here is a complete guide to offer you the best guidance

Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar bus ishq, mohabbat pyaar!! And the heart of India always welcomes the tourists with open arms. From historical monuments to busy shopping streets and lip smacking fast food the city has a lot of offer to everyone.

Steeped in history and filled with modern life, vibrant, cacophonous Delhi pulsates like few other cities on Earth with the constant rhythms of the civilization. Planning a trip to Delhi then you must read on to get to know more about the lively place.

Delhi, India’s capital city, vividly evokes the ancient past while highlighting India’s urban future at the same moment. It is divided into two sections— Old Delhi’s collapsing old city, and the tidy and well-planned New Delhi— that exist side by side, yet seem as though they are worlds apart. This travel guide and town overview for Delhi is full of useful information and tips.

Delhi is passion, Delhi is rush, Delhi is serene, Delhi is turmoil, and Delhi is the yang of his own. Delhi is an entire contract! From Chandni Chowk’s busy lanes to Bangla Sahib’s serene and quiet residence, Delhi makes a complete circle of life. One of India’s most popular tourist destinations, because of the abundant diversity the city has been thriving. The relationship with the city begins right from walking out of New Delhi Railway Station. Delhi is renowned for its rich heritage and cultural past and draws several religious tours. Sites include Jama Masjid, Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, Akshardham, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and Church of the Incarnation are a must visit when in the city.

10 places to visit in Delhi

Hauz Khaz village, must visit place in Delhi

Well-known in medieval times, the village of Hauz Khas has beautiful buildings built around the reservoir. Remains in Islamic architecture are loosely characterized by dense splotches. The village’s current status has preserves not only the place’s old beauty, but has improved its esthetic attractiveness through well-preserved green parks with walkways all around, and the new refurbished upmarket and trendy places of interest that have spruced up the old remaining Mughal buildings.

National zoo, a safe place for the wild animals

The National Zoological Park, inaugurated in 1959, is located near Delhi’s Old Fort and is a favorite weekend spot for both adults and children. The zoo has all sorts of animals and birds, from the biggest cats to the tiniest birds. It was originally known as Delhi Zoo when it was renamed The National Zoological Park in 1982, with the idea of making it the country’s model zoo.

Red fort, historical monument in Delhi

The Red Fort became Mughal’s formal seat of power and control from 1648 on, when the 5th Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, decided to move the empire’s capital from Agra to Delhi. Built with red sandstone, this is one of the Mughal period architectural marvels. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

India gate, national war memorial in Delhi

The All India War Memorial is a war memorial situated in New Delhi and is popularly known as the India Gate. It is devoted to the 82,000 Indian and British soldiers who died during World War I and the Third Anglo-Afghan War. The Amar Jawan Jyoti is the burning device, just below the archway symbolizing India’s everlasting, invincible troops.

Waste to wonder park, must visit Places to visit in Delhi

Waste to Wonder Park, the latest addition to Delhi’s list of attractions includes replicas of the world’s famous seven wonders, made from industrial and other waste. One of the world’s kindthemed parks. It was inaugurated at the Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Bus, opposite Nizammudin Metro Station. The beautifully built Waste to Wonder Park has become the latest destination for couples excited to snap a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower Replica, along with families visiting the park to take pictures in front of the seven wonders reproduced by 150 tons of waste products like scrap iron, thrown away pieces of cars, bent metal utensils and pipes.

Jantar mantar, heritage site in Delhi

The Jantar Mantar, situated in New Delhi, was one of five places established in Jaipur by Maharaja Jai Singh II. The field is comprised of 13 instruments of architectural astronomy. The observatory’s main purpose was to compile the astronomical tables and predict the movement and timing of the sun, moon, and planets.

Jama Masjid, holy Places to visit in Delhi

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan had the Jama Masjid constructed on a massive budget from 1644 to 1656. After 1656, when it was built, the mosque still has three wide entrance gates intact. Red sandstone and white marble make up the structure. At one point, the courtyard was designed with a great vision, with a potential of 25,000 people. For worshippers the floor has 899 black markings.

Connaught place, the heart of Delhi

Connaught Place, officially named Rajiv Chowk, is better known among the locals as CP. It is one of Delhi’s largest commercial and industry centres, and has been planned in two clustered circles namely the Inner Circle of Connaught and the Outer Circle of Connaught. This sector is established since the British period, and has its own beauty. British design adds a dash of royalty to this retail place.

ISCKON temple, historical Places to visit in Delhi

This temple was built back in 1998; it is located on Hare Krishna Hills, in New Delhi, India’s East of Kailash district. A shrine of Lord Krishna very well known for inner peace. The supporters believe Srila Prabhupada. As one of India’s most large temple complexes. It has many rooms for the priests and the provision of service. Most rooms are used for the purposes of its administration. It is composed of four large units.

Chandni Chowk, liveliest place of Delhi

One of New Delhi’s oldest markets, Chandni Chowk continues to be a significant historic site known for the quality of all kinds of goods and food. It was designed in the 17th century by Shah Jahan, India’s mughal emperor. It is situated across from the Red Fort and provides a glimpse of the Fatehpuri Mosque.

Best time to visit Delhi

The best time to visit Delhi is called October and November, or February and March. The environment stays good during this time though Delhi experiences too hot or too cold a year-round climate. This mild city climate attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world.

Though Delhi becomes too hot in summers and too cold in winters but the city is always crowded with tourists from across the globe

Means of commutation in the city

Delhi is a well developed city. It has a huge option for means of commutation from peddle rickshaws to private cabs. Also the best thing that the tourists enjoy is the HOHO bus service that takes you across the important and historical places of the city. If you are an eco-friendly person then you can take the bicycle and ride your way throughout the city.

5 best restaurants in Delhi

Delhi is not only about monuments and historical places but the city is a hub of foodies. With people from all across the country settled here the city enjoys cuisines from all over.

Let’s take a look at the best restaurants that one can opt to hog on:


Bukhara unquestionably appears to be the mother of all authentic impressions in Indian food. The hot naans and malai kebabs signature (and massive) accompany the slow-cooked dal bukhara on a journey that will delight your palate. Inside the earthy and rustic interiors you are also encouraged to eat with your mouth.

Must try: Malai Kebabs

Address: ITC Maurya, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Contact:  011 46215152


This iconic spot, open from 1913, serves what is arguably the best Mughlai food in the world. Even the ride through Old Delhi’s narrow streets to get here is classic. A hop, skip and jump away from Jama Masjid, the original structure restored for the restaurant is iconic. Don’t miss out on the popular Brain Curry and Mutton Bara.

Must try: chicken curry

Address: 16, Gali Kababian, Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Contact: 011-23264981

Indian accent

Chef Manish Mehrotra’s innovative fusion menu is practically accentuating Indian food with western touches and includes the likes of blue cheese naan and chicken tikka meatballs. Located at the swanky Lodhi Hotel, the restaurant now also boasts locations in New York and London. We strongly suggest going for the six-course tasting menu of the chef— each comes paired with a range of wines.

Must try: Thai

Contact: 098711 17968

Address: The Lodhi, Lodhi Rd, CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Sagar ratna

Serving beautifully crispy, paper-thin stuffed slices, mini idlis, Sagar Ratna is a one-stop-shop for (mostly vegetarian) South Indian fare. There are franchises throughout the region, but Defense Colony Market’s original location is absolutely magical: don’t miss out on the South Indian coffee served in a funky steel bottle.

Must try: masala dosa

Address: Cyber City, DLF Tower 8th Rd, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Contact: 9891600381


Sure, in Delhi you will find the Japanese food. And yummy stuff at that. Join Wasabi by Morimoto, helmed inside the lavish Taj Mahal Hotel by ex-Nobu chef Masaharu Morimoto, for a customized array of delicious sushi alongside spectacular grill teppanyaki dishes. Dimely illuminated and serving an excellent list of Japanese whiskies, this is one spot you’ll keep coming back to.

Must try: Japanese whisky

Address: The Taj Mahal Hotel, 1, Mansingh Road, New Delhi

Contact: not availalble

Best traditional food of Delhi one must try

If you are a foodie then Delhi is going to be a heaven for you. The city offers a wide range of flavors for the tourists from all across and is served with love. Let’s take a quick look on some of the must try food in Delhi.

Chole bhatoore

Trust me, the best chole bhature can only be given by Delhi. The extra care and less soda put into making a fluffy bhature render it Delhi’s best street food. And I won’t share the secret ingredient we placed in chole to make it richer and more appetizing. It is the best street food to eat at any restaurant in South Delhi.

Gol gappe

Experience this street food at Delhi and you’ll miss the pani-poori of Mumbai and the puchka of Kolkata. The other golgappe types just can’t beat the taste Delhi has to bring.

Poori aloo

This is Delhi cuisine which is very spicy and delicious. If you’re in Delhi and haven’t tried it heavenly dish then something major is lacking. A must seek for those who enjoy spice!

Kathi rolls

No matter where you seek them, the Delhi edition of these rolls should keep you on your toes. Each Delhi Roll Wala has its own special ingredient to render this tasteful goodness even more delish.

Samosa with chole

This flavourful fried preparation is a special Delhi street food produce. I promise you that this delicacy is just one slice, and it will become your first option among junk fried food. If you’re hunting for some of Delhi’s finest veg street food, this is something you’ll have to check out.

Wrap up

Delhi is the national capital of incredible India, for all the right reasons. Synonymous with plurality, Delhi has always been the epicenter of all Indian events that are represented in its tourism. It has acted as a major strategic and cultural hub of the country right from the time of Pandavas, and understandably so today it is a museum of India’s past. Traveling in Delhi for Places to visit in Delhi is not just history, but taking past and present hand in hand is a move. Delhi is the present-day capital of Troy, mixed with modern advances. The hallmark to cohesion of culture is the amalgamation of all belief and cultural centres of different faiths coexisting together in harmony. Places to visit in Delhi offers a wide range of tourist attractions from temples, parks, shrines to urban markets. Exploring the region is like seeing a Mini-India, with Delhi Tourism representing India’s rich culture.