places to visit in Daman and Diu

Places to visit in Daman and Diu

Looking for places to visit in Daman and DIu? Here is a complete travel guide you must read on.

Daman and Diu is a still beautiful, striking and fascinating little paradise, surrounded by Gujarat. Daman and Diu form India’s second smallest union territory. Daman and Diu were part of Goa until 1987. Daman and Diu are, in reality, two seaside resorts and are enclosed by Gujarat. Daman is a small part of Khambhat Gulf (cambay) while Diu is an island that is joined by a creek to the Gujarat mainland.

In Daman and Diu, you can go to the Devka Beach and Nani Daman amusement park, which is rejuvenating and recreating the visitors. On festive days the illumination is a treat for the eyes. Daman & Diu has splendid colonial forts and churches. The union territory of Daman and Diu along with Goa was a part of a single union territory of India, ruled by the Portuguese for over 450 years. Goa achieved statehood in 1987, leaving Daman and Diu as a single, separate union territory. The union territory consists of two districts, Daman and Diu, which are nearly eighty kilometres from one another.

The site, being a former Portuguese colony, houses a variety of buildings and monuments obvious with architecture and urban planning in Portuguese style. In this article we’ll explore the best 8 sites in Daman and Diu to visit.Let’s check out the travel guide to Daman and Diu for more details about the place.

10 places to visit in Daman and Diu

Nagoa beach, a must visit for nature lovers

Nagoa Beach in Diu is renowned for its beautiful scenery and swaying palm trees and is an attractive and suggested location for visitors all over the world. The location is well linked to the resorts, which makes it easy for travelers to rest while at the same time exploring its beauty. The beach is surrounded by beautiful palm trees swinging in the cool breeze, creating an exotic environment for lazing around travelers. Due to its white sands and quiet blue water, the serene beauty of the beach is worth to experience and enjoy.

Gangeshwar mahadev temple, famous place in Daman and Diu

Located 3 km from Diu, Gangeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has 5 Shivalingas allegedly laid down by the Pandavas during their period of exile. These Shivalingas are situated in the midst of rocks which are continually washed by waves.

Fort Diu, must visit place in Daman and Diu

Fort Diu, situated on Indian’s western coast, was founded by Portuguese under their colonial rule, and is now under Indian government administration. The fort-cum-castle, classified in Portuguese as’ Praça de Diu,’ is situated on the southern tip of Gujarat and is at the entrance of the Khambhat Sea. The Diu Fort is a colossal structure, which occupies a prominent place on the list of tourists. The enchanting fort commands a magnificent view of the sea, and a jetty built on the northwest coast is still in use and was once used for trading in Gujarat with Cambay, Broach, and Surat.

Sunset point Diu, beautiful place to visit in Daman and Diu

A beautiful hillock near Diu’s Chakritirath beach offers a fascinating sunset view from here to its visitors. The hillock and surrounding areas are beautifully landscaped and lit. Chakratirth Beach is centrally located and adjacent to the City of Diu.

Seashells museum, a place for collectors

One of the world’s few shell museums, the Sea Shell Museum is situated on Nagoa road 6 km from Diu. It houses collections of a sailor, Captain Fulbari, who gathered many rare, stunning, and impressive shells during his voyages. He wanted to showcase his unique collection to make the difference between different types of seashells understand to people.

Diu museum, best place to visit in Daman and Diu

The Diu Museum has been set up in the St. Thomas Church, a town’s famous tourist spot. Constructed in 1598, the church was later converted into a museum. The building still bears the portraits and paintings worn out and faded that the Portuguese left behind. A beautiful garden trail leads up to the Diu Museum, with its side elegant fountains. The evenings turn the site into a beautiful sight of attractively brightening multicolored lights up the building.

Jallandar beach, famous tourist place in Daman and Diu

Named after the devil, Jallandar, this beautiful resort is situated approximately 1 km from Diu with a temple and a cemetery. The temple is devoted to Goddess Chandrika while the shrine is on top of a hill with a demon Jallandar stone structure. The beach features fun water sports, as well.

Gomtimata beach, a sene beauty found in Daman and Diu

Situated in the village of Vanakbara on the west end of the Diu, this is one of the region’s best beaches. Gomtimata cove, secluded and with natural white sand, is a beautiful beach just to sit back and relax in. You’ll also find a shrine at the beach.

Dinosaur park, a must visit place in Daman and Diu

The dinosaur park at Diu is still under development and is set to be an exciting children’s theme park. Throughout the city there is also a nice lane for solitary walks and a shrine. The park has become quite popular among the tourist due to being in the vicinity of the famous Nagoa Beach.

Chapel of our lady Rosary, historic place in Daman and Diu

Our Lady Rosary’s Chapel is situated in Old Moti Daman, Diu. The building dates back to the 17th century and is of great historical and religious significance. The church’s structure employs Gothic-style architecture which exhibits an elegant Portuguese influence. This sacred place is regularly visited by both locals and tourists, and is a visual treat for all. The wooden chapel, which has a streamlined look on the outside, is located in a square that houses the gravestones of the areas ‘ oldest Portuguese inhabitants.

Best time to visit Daman and Diu

Daman can be visited at any time though boasting a moderate climate throughout the year. Here’s a monthly rundown of the weather conditions in Daman so you can schedule your stay accordingly:

from October to February: these months are Daman’s winter season and temperature varies between 32 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius. Similar to other seasons, winters are slightly cooler as the average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius This season is also the best time to visit Daman, as the daytime sightseeing is more pleasant. During this time, you can also enjoy water sports and other touristic events.

March to May: The summer season in Daman is these months. While in the evenings March can be somewhat cool (because of the Arab Sea) which is suitable for beach walks and other water sports, April and May can be very hot and dry. During this time you would often see less people. But this is a perfect time to enjoy water sports in Daman such as diving, snorkelling, water skiing, speedboating and other events.

June to September: In these months the monsoon season arrives in Daman. Rainfall in the month of July can be quite heavy but if you like rains, you’d love the rainy coastal surroundings. This is also the moment when Daman-Nariyal Purnima’s biggest festival is celebrated.

Means of commutation in Daman and Diu

As it is a well settled place there is a wide variety of commutation available for the tourists to enjoy the place. Tourists can book private cabs or take a rickshaw. Also there is a facility of bicycles to ride and enjoy the nature in eco-friendly way. If you are travelling in a group then you can look out for tourist buses or travellers also.

5 best restaurants in Daman and Diu

Let’s take a quick look on the best restaurants in Daman and Diu where you can visit and hog on to some lip smacking food.

Cat’s eye view restaurant

With its fun, tree-shaded ambience, this open-air restaurant at Hoka Island Villa is ideal for breakfasts. It is worth mentioning their prawn coconut curry, and fish & chips.

Must try: prawns

Address: Hoka Island Villa, Nagoa Beach, Diu, India

Contact: +91 2875 253 036

Night heron restaurant

The Night Heron Restaurant, going by its tag, is better suited for evening meals or just relaxing with some food. For breakfast it offers South Indian cuisine while lunch and dinner menus include North Indian and Chinese cooking.

Must try: South India

Address: Bunder Chowk Jetty, Daman and Diu, India

Contact: +91-2875-253974

O’ coquiero

This garden restaurant is one with a conscience, with its new ambience. You can’t miss out on tasty rice, poultry or fish. We even feature a range of Portuguese dishes on their menu. O’Coqueiro is the spot for you if you are looking for a nice place to relax with some good coffee, cold beer and good music

Must try: fish

Address: Near Diu Museum,Firangiwala Road, Diu

Contact: +91 98246 81565

Apana foodland

Apana Foodland never fails to leave one in appreciation of the variety of food served by this outdoor restaurant facing the waterfront. It does and profoundly impacts breakfasts, Gujarati, North Indian, and Chinese food. Once it can also pre-order the fish dishes of which the shark tikka and the kingfish / prawn eaten with pasta, chips and salad are a few popular ones. The fruit salad of Gujarati is also a must try.

Must try: North Indian

Address: Before Collector Office, FortÊRoad, Bhavsarwada, Diu, Daman and Diu 362520

Contact: +91-2875-253650

La Dolce vita

Ambient, because of its position on the town’s beach side, this beautiful garden restaurant is better known for its outstanding value-for-money breakfasts, including organic muesli, fruit salad, biscuits, coffee and lassi. Particularly fish curry is known for its pastas and seafood.

Must try: Sea food

Address: Hospital Road, Diu, India

Contact: +91-2895-43275

Traditional food of Daman and Diu

Diu is a special, hybrid fusion of Portuguese and Gujarat cuisine. This mix instead leaves some food realms which are not included in the menu on the island. On the one side you have typical Gujrati cooking, its flavors and components extracted from the nearby state and on the other hand you have a past presence of Portugee cuisine complimented only by the sea around and a domination of exotic seafood.

Let’s take a look on famous food of Daman and Diu

  1. Chicken bullet is Daman’s special, popular dish. Papri, boiled sweet and salty peas is one of Daman’s people’s favorite evening snacks. During the month of October, crabs and lobsters are the main delicacies. Fish Koliwada, a spicy fried prawns dish, is said to have its roots in Daman, and its gentle and delicate flavor tingles the taste buds.
  2. Cozido: The Catholic culture in Daman is very popular with ‘ Cozido, ‘ a dish made of meat and vegetables at Christmas and Val Nascido created at the Feast of St John de Baptis.
  3. Fish fry and prawns: if you are a sea food lover then Diu is going to be your best companion as the place offers a wide range and variety of mouth watering fish and prawns served in various types of curries and great flavors.
  4. Gujaratati thaali: though Diu is a coastal area but being very near to Gujarat the cuisine has a wide influence of the state. The Guajarati thali here is a must try food in Daman and Diu.
  5. Chicken: for non-vegetarian lovers this is a great place to be in as it has barbeques and grilled chicken served with coastal flavours that is a speciality of the place.

Those twin islands, known for their beaches and exotic liquors, are a haven for tourists to escape the cacophony of worldly life. Whether it’s the rich historical history or the anglers ‘ subtle songs, everything in Daman and Diu helps create a heaven for one searching for tranquility. The old forts and temples, and today’s bars, combine to create a curious ambience of nostalgia and knowledge.