Materialistic Parenting: A must-read for new parents

Materialistic parenting: A truth of every household

Most households have overflowing cabinets and over stuffed toy chests filled with hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars worth of stuff that is bought for the kids. And rather than  a small gift for the birthday or a holiday, the kids are asking for expensive hi-tech gifts.

And while you keep thinking that ‘’enough is enough’’ when it comes to buying toys and other stuff for your kids who are already having a lot of toys, pairing out on cutting back is not at all easy. But you should understand that giving kids a lot of stuff is not at all healthy for them. All the kids who are being given more than their needs are sure to grow up into materialistic adults.

Research by a renowned child organization shows that the overindulged kids can experience adverse lifelong consequences in their life. They tend to grow up into dissatisfied and narcissistic adults. And it is not only due to the expensive toys that the parents buy for them that is causing them to become over indulged.

Materialistic parenting gives birth to conserve adulthood

A lot many of todays young people are tending to be overworked and over-scheduled. They have time for their basketball practice or piano lessons but they do not find time for the chores. You might wonder that what is wrong in becoming a materialistic person. If you can afford brand garments or branded toys and accessories then why shouldn’t you be able to buy it.

Studies have found that the materialistic kids often turn out to be a materialistic adults. And that could result in serious consequences including more unhappiness during adulthood.

A recent study published in a journal of a research said that children who became materialistic adopted two main beliefs:

  • Owning high – as well as a number of material goods as a definition of success.
  • Acquiring certain products makes the people more attractive.

Of course most parents don’t instill such beliefs in their children on purpose. Instead the children develop such traits based on the parenting style of the parents and their discipline practices. As well as to what is being modeled to them at their homes.

The study found that the parents contribute to a very materialistic attitude of the child. But to the surprise the children who are bought up in homes where they felt neglected also turned out to be materialistic.

More about materialistic parenting

For example a child who felt neglected might find solace in other materialistic things or possessions. Or a child who does not get a lot of time in the company of his parents might try to find the same and try to cope up with his loneliness with the materialistic toys or other products. A research found out three reasons that contribute to the materialistic approach of a child:

  • Rewarding Children: promising your child to get her a smartphone if she did well in her exams or did well in the soccer game, may teach her that material goods are the ultimate goal.
  • Giving gifts: showering your kids with gifts and presents may lead their thinking that getting loved means to be showered with gifts.
  • Taking away possessions: sending a message by separating them from their favorite toy or gift may lead to teaching your kid that they need to get material possessions to feel good and loved by their parents.

Its healthy to give4 gifts to your child. But that does not mean that you have to buy everything that is on their list or that you have to buy everything that they want.