Healthy foods for babies to boost immunity

Trying hard to keep your baby fit with Healthy foods for babies to boost immunity? Cold and flu are no fun for anyone anymore. But this chilly season infections of different kinds can be more challenging when they inflate your family’s tiniest cutie. The parents, siblings, relatives, and friends can help in preventing the babies from catching up with germs and infections.

Even vaccines for the babies when they are six-month-olds can also immunize them from other sicknesses and flu. Other hygienic measures like washing one’s hands, covering the face while coughing and sneezing with a handkerchief or a tissue, and distancing away from the babies when they are sick or ill.

If your baby has started eating solid foods, you can also support her good health by making up tasty foods and boost up her immune system. Add the below-mentioned ingredients to your baby’s food and help keep the ill effects of illness away and keep the baby healthy.

Healthy foods for babies to boost immunity

Whole-fat plain yogurt: Yogurt is also proven as a good source of immunity boosting Vitamin-D and also useful proteins that are good for the child’s body and helps overall growth. This yogurt also helps repair the defective body cells if any. It also helps in maintaining good white blood cells that are very useful in fighting various infections.

Healthy foods for babies

Sweet potatoes: these all seasonal yellow-orange coloured tubers are full of beta carotene that are converted into Vitamin-A in our body that is useful for a very healthy immune system in our body functions. You can take the help of many recipe books to churn out a tasty food for your baby.

Must have Healthy foods for babies to boost immunity

Avocado: this creamy fruit is a good source full of Vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant and Vitamin B6 which helps build up cells that are essentially needed for the healthy immunity system of the baby and increase immune response. If a baby is around 10 months then you could also try the spunky coconuts simple DIY with avocado and pear ice pops.

Brown rice: these little grains are full of nutrients and essential minerals like magnesium and selenium that are essential for the overall body growth of your precious child, and they both enhance immunity and bolster resistance to viral infections. Puree cooked brown rice with meat or vegetables or fruit, white rice mixed with rusty bananas, a splash of cinnamon and so much water we ‘d eat! It is also delightful mashed with dried stewed fruit.

Blueberries: whether fresh or frozen, blueberries are a super source of multiple anti oxidants specially the flavored compound anthocyanins. Whole blueberries are a choking hazard, but you can mash up the fruit and mix it up with apples, bananas, pears, yogurt, oatmeal or even a minced non-veg dish to make a baby-friendly meal.

Bananas: bananas are also known for providing a balanced diet to the kids. If you have a child who is older then 6 months then you must feed him with at least 2 bananas in a day. All you need to do is to mash them up and let him enjoy.

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Curd: A great meal that every kid enjoys. Always keep in mind that you do not end up feeding you baby with chilled curd. Just mix it up with sugar or sprinkle some salt over it and feed him a bowl full.

Nuts: Walnuts and almonds are full of fatty acids that help you fight disease. A small study showed that omega 3s reduced the number of children diagnosed with respiratory tract. A snack mix or a cereal can quickly be spread on the walnuts.

Proteins: Animal source proteins are a must for immune cells and contain sufficient quantities of all of the essential amino acids. The fish, poultry, cheese, eggs and milk are found. In grains and legumes such as soybeans the people who are vegetarians can enjoy their balanced nutrition.

Salmon: Omega-3-fat rich salmon is a great immunity booster for the kids. Such fats are not only essential to brain development but reduce inflammation which increases airflow and prevents colds and respiratory infections in the lungs. The most recent study also indicates that these fatty acids can boost the role of your immune system.

Eggs: Research has shown that people are more vulnerable to illness when they are deficient in vitamin D. Eggs are one of the only natural vitamin D foods. A variety of additional immune boosting nutrients are also included, including B vitamins and selenium.

Green vegetables: Green vegetables have many vitamins and minerals that strengthen our immune systems. It has folate, manganese, calcium, selenium and iron in its vitamins A, E, C and K. All these nutrients act in different ways to enhance the functioning of the immune system. Spinach gives you a big healthy boom!

Things to keep in mind for immunity of babies

It occurs now, how do Millennial Moms integrate any of these classes into their everyday diets? I try to match with freshly cooked food and few nutritious foods, my own mother and then a nutritionist. Put in balance healthy whole-carbs come from chapatis or rice, a bowl of protein, the key meals of your child are readily prepared with ginger, garlic, and turmeric.

School snacks or pre-and post-play snacks may either include a food bar or packaged fruit smoothing or yogurt that can provide the daily immunity requirement of that vitamins, for example vitamin C .. The food labeling will prevent any product having added more than 20% sugar. The easiest and most healthy snack to pack is always a handful of mixed nuts.

Before serving any new foods to your infant, consult with your doctor: most children take their first bites at six months, but regardless of age, they should be able to sit in a high chair and have strong head control. The usual advice is to start with one-ingredient purées — wait three days before adding another food to ensure that your baby is not having an allergic reaction such as rash, diarrhea or vomiting. Never mix in salt or sweetener.

Being a mom myself I follow these quick foods and feed my baby. Yet if still you little one catches cold or cough, you must not worry a lot and feed him with warm soup.