Food of Punjab

Food of Punjab One Must Try When In India

Food of Punjab is the pride of every Indian. The flavors and fragrance of the delicacy are known across the Globe. Punjab is one of the most prosperous states of the country. The food of the state attests to it in every morsel that you put in your mouth.

Even though it is known as the breadbasket of India, We get so much more than just that in their cuisine. Down south, a lot of people think that all North Indians are Punjabi and you can’t blame them given all the Punjabi influence in the culture up North. No matter what divides the people, food has the power to unite us as Indians.

Especially the rich Punjabi food with its succulent taste and desi ghee. And with Pakistan being Punjab’s neighbor a lot of Pakistani flavors have seeped into the Punjabi cuisine giving it even more exotic flavor.

Here are some of the famous foods of Punjab, the land of bhangra which you might not have known as Punjabi dishes!!

LANGAR: Best food of Punjab


While not being a dish, the langar is a communal feast that is organized by different Gurudwaras of the people to worship. It is prepared in the community kitchens in huge utensils and is served in the huge langar halls of the Gurudwaras. The people irrespective of their religion, caste, and social status sit in the same line and eat the langar.

BUTTER CHICKEN: Mouth watering food of Punjab

Food Of Punjab

While chicken may very well be called the national bird of Punjab, butter chicken is the crowning jewel of the food of Punjab. While it might not have originated in Punjab, it was invented by a Punjabi family and that counts. No celebration is complete without this dish. This creamy, gravy dish is lightly spiced and paired up with naan or normal roti.

SARASO KA SAAG: Traditional food Of Punjab

saag and roti

One of the iconic dish of Punjab you just cannot get enough of it. Mustard leaves are boiled along with palak and are sorted with onion, ginger and garlic. Trust me you wont be able to resist yourself when this delicious lip smacking dish is served along with makke ki roti and gur.

LASSI: Delicious drink


A drink known far and wide, lassi is something that the Punjabis take pride in. though it can be salty but the lassi that is originated from Punjab is a sweet drink with a dollop of cream or butter to make it as rich as you want. Flavors like mango, rose or strawberry are being added to make the variants of the drink and to give it a twist from the plain lassi. It gives you relief from the beating heat of the summer days. Almost all restaurants serve lassi even if they are not Punjabi, which show the popularity of this drink.

CHHOLE: Lip smacking food

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Be it the Amritsari chhole or the Peshawari chhole, they are both equally delicious, just the place of origin differs. A staple in Punjabi cuisine the chickpea dish is best had with either parantha or naan. Or you can just have spoonfuls just as it is, given how good it tastes. The difference between them is that the Peshawari is made a little drier whereas the Amritsari is made with a bit of gravy. The spices used are also different but not that much. So it depends that from which part you want your chhole ordered while ordering the dish.


ahaaaa food of Punjab
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It’s a most Punjabi dish that you get in every restaurant now a days. And these two indulge with each other like a dream when ever you feel like having them. Made with flour and milk rather than wheat flour, it’s different from a poori, and you can’t just eat one as they are so tasty. The soft, slightly fermented bhature should be your go-to when you are craving some hardcore spicy food from Punjab.


yummy food of Punjab
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Black dal is cooked with loads of butter and tomatoes and is topped with fresh cream to give it a tingling flavor. Dal makhani is a royal dish in Punjab and is eaten along with paranthas. When in Punjab to order it and enjoy it with onions and green chutney to soothe your taste buds.


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Imagine the yellow hot kadi served with rice and onions and papad. This is a complete meal that people love especially on Sunday afternoons. Punjabi Kadi is cooked with gram flour and is topped with loads of crispy pakodas of onion and coriander.

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