Food of bihar

Food of Bihar: A lip-smacking guide


The historically rich land of Bihar is one of the most prominent states of our country, India. It is equally famous for the huge plethora of delicious dishes that it has to offer on the platter that is exotic and as well as scrumptious. The Bihar dishes are highly capable of tingling the taste buds of every food connoisseur.

Here under I am going to list a few of the Bihari food delicacies from this exotic collection of scrumptious collection, which will surely give you a mouth watering experience while you read through this article.

1. Litti Chokha: Famous food of Bihar

The lip smacking taste of the litti-chokha is savoured by one and all, it needs no introduction. This dish is your grand welcome to the food of Bihar in all its ghee dripping glory. It is made of wheat, sattu, and spices and is kneaded and made in to small balls stuffed inside and dipped in ghee. The texture of the litti and the crispyness to it is rendered by the red hot coals on which it is cooked. The chokha is the accompaniment of the litti. It is prepared by an assortment of vegetables like potatoes, brinjals, and tomatoes with a lot of spices and chopped onions, garlic, ginger, etc. the litti-chokha when combined, make a heavenly dish.

2. Sattu: Delicious food of Bihar

The sattu or the fried gram flour makes a very distinctive form of Bihari cuisine and is its inseparable part and ingredient. When sattu is mixed with spices and is stuffed in wheat flour balls that are rolled and cooked in ghee and served on a platter is termed as the sattu paratha which is locally called as the makuni.

3. Naivedyam: mouth watering food of Bihar

The famous Hanuman Mandir near the Patna station is famous for its Prasad. The Prasad is consists of a sweet called the Naivedyam, and it can be traced to its origin to the Tirupati Temple of Andhra Pradesh. The Prasad consists of besan, sugar, cashew, raisin, green cardamoms and the kashmiri saffron. The ingredients are further mixed with other flavoring spices that are mixed with ghee and shaped into balls for the offerings. This Prasad is exclusive to the Hanuman Mandir. The devine sweet just melts in your mouth giving you an unforgettable taste that lingers around all day.

4. Chandrakala/Pewdakiya

This sweet is very similar to the goojiya in the north India. It is another heavenly dessert for the ones with the sweet tooth. It is stuffed with sweetened khoya, coconut, cardamom and dry fruits and has a crispy covering that is dipped in sugar syrup. Chandrakala is a sweet dish that is an integral part of the Bihari cuisine.

5. Chana Gugni

Chana gugni is a spicy-tangy evening snack food for the Bihari. This mouth-watering snack is prepared in almost every house in Bihar. It consists mainly of boiled chick-peas, fried and garnished with thinly chopped onions, spices, and chilies. Chana gugni makes a filling complement to the evening hunger. It can be mixed with the ‘chuda’ or the flattened rice for an accompaniment.

6. Khaja

Here is another tasty and scrumptious food from the land. It is basically a snack and is known to be around 2000 years old preparation. It is very similar to the Baklava of Ottman Empire. The crispy dessert is made from wheat flour, sugar, mawa and deep fried in oil. This unique dessert from Bihar is a crispy treat to the taste buds of yours and will leave a lingering taste in your mouth through out the day.

7. Mutton Kebabs and Reshmi Kebabs

Bihar takes care of the non-vegetarian as well with its non-veg delicacies. The mutton-kebabs of Patna have an equally rich and historical origin. The flavors originating from a small shop in Kadamkua attracts the visitors like a magnet and introduces you to his grandfather who started this shop. The mutton kebabs are a miracle to your taste buds over here.

Heading towards Rajendra Nagar in Patna, Richie Rich’s delicate kebabs are a tough competition to the Galouti Kebabs of Lucknow here.

8. Kesar Peda

Although partitioned but the states of Bihar and Jharkand breathe and preserve the same culture. The famous pedas from Devghar, which is now in Jharkhand is a very essential part of the Bihari cuisine and has its place in every meal of the state.

This was all about the lip-smacking Bihari cuisine that one must try out. If you are a die-hard foodie then you will surely love the food of Bihar. Do leave us your suggestions and comments if you liked this blog.