Dry skin problems giving nightmares?

Dry skin problems? bid them goodbye with the best moisturisers and hydrate your skin to the best.

Suffering from skin problems the worst of these is dry skin. This is a fact of life nobody can complain about. You get the appearance of flaky bits from nowhere, it can feel tight and it can be uncomfortable and sore if it really is, very dry. It’s important to keep dry skin moisturized but it’s crucial to use the right moisturizer for dry skin. Any old cream simply won’t cut it.

They are special from standard lotions, i.e. the best oily skin moisturisers. The best dry skin moisturizer is developed with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (which can hold in water 1000 times its weight), fortifying hydrators, and soothing ingredients.

Best moisturisers for dry skin problems as your best companions

Dry skin, particularly during harsh winters can be very irksome. The dry spots, flakiness and discomfort are all without which we should do. It is important to be very careful of the products you apply to your face and be mindful of the ingredients they contain, as they can contribute to the dryness and further irritate your skin. Face creams will benefit you without causing greasiness as long as they nourish your dry skin. 

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Were you aware that skin is the body’s biggest organ? Sure it is! One of its key functions is to protect us against pathogens and dangerous bacteria. It also helps regulate the temperature of the body, and prevents loss of body fluids. It’s important to take good care of it too, therefore. At times, using rough soaps, taking hot baths, using the wrong skin care items and wearing abrasive clothing may harm the skin. In the long run, these will irritate the skin and make it dry and flaky, so you need to invest in the best dry skin moisturizers.

Here are 12 of the best dry skin moisturiser you’ll need to try.

Olay moisturizing cream

Olay Moisturizing Cream provides long-lasting moisturization and improves softness and smoothness in your skin. The hydrating formula contains a unique system of moisture binding which locks in moisture where it is most needed. The fluids in this moisturizing cream are so similar in young skin to the natural fluids that they are readily claimed by your skin as its own. That is probably the best face moisturizer for dry sensitive skin out there.

Neutrogena oil free moisturiser

Neutrogena oil-free moisture cream is great for dry skin and it quickly moisturizes your skin and improves your skin as it appears. This moisturizer for sensitive skin is lightweight, and has a moisturizing dual-action formula for dry skin. It manages oily shine, leaving you with a softer, cleaner skin and a matte natural finish that lasts for the whole day. It is India ‘s best dry moisturizer with a special oil-absorbing mechanism that manages oil and provides the skin with shininess. Applying it to face and neck is very fast. Using it alone or under makeup every morning, or every night. It depends totally on you, how you use it.

Kaya skin clinic

Kaya is one of India ‘s best dry skin moisturiser. This contains ingredients such as aloe vera, rose extract, and almond oil. Besides this, it’s great for skin prone to acne, and it helps the skin tone. However, it can also be used for growing stretch marks on the body, as well as offering great fragrance. It is the best moisturizer for sensitive skin in india

Lotus herbals

Lotus is famous for its natural ingredients and this cream is made from wholesome ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Almond Oil, Honey and Wheat Germ. It is both anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic, and offers good nutrition without clogging pores.

Pond’s dry skin cream

Pond’s is well known for its moisturizing creams and is the favourite of all. It has been on the market for quite some time now. This formula is very creamy and quickly spreads, leaving the skin moist, smooth, hypoallergenic and it is a perfect choice in harsh winters.

VLCC moisturiser

VLCC also consists of natural ingredients such as jojoba, olive oil, almond oil and honey. It is also India’s best dry skin moisturizer and comes in a travel-friendly package, and is also budget friendly. Your skin must initially remain nourished and moisturised. It’s a very light formula, it spreads easily which is why it also makes its value for money. The product is also the best face moisturizer for sensitive skin dermatologist recommended

Lakme intense cream

It is the most common and reliable product and is particularly good for the winter season when your skin tends to dry and flake. Many people have used it for many years, as it is a non-greasy product that keeps the skin hydrated for up to 6 hours. This leaves a glow in the eyes, and also functions well as a foundation for makeup. Hence it is the best dry skin moisturizer in India.

Nivea soft moisturising cream

Nivea is one of India’s best moisturizer creams with a strong ability to moisturise. It is an economical product and it is a well-confident one. The product contains Jojoba and Vitamin E, making it ideal for skin that is relatively dry. It is non-greasy and well absorbed.

Lacto calamine for dry skin

Lacto Calamine is a strong humidifying cream, too. It regulates acne, and extracts cells of dead skin. Its color is pink, its consistency is dense and its scent is soft and not overpowering. It has to be properly shaken before it is taken out of the bottle. It reduces oiliness and gives the moisture a matte impact lock. When you face pimples problem this cream containing aloe vera is very successful and also reduces pimples and lightens the skin tone.

Biotique morning nectar

You should also take care of your skin, because it is very responsive. Do not take any risk with a bad moisturizing cream because a bad cream can make your face sluggish. So, do use a strong Biotique branded cream and look youthful. If you face dullness, acne or wrinkles then this moisturizing cream is one of India’s best face moisturizer for dry sensitive skin that comes at an affordable price.

Loreal hydra fresh

The oral cream is very light to use, and non-greasy to absorb easily into the skin. Its fragrance is amazing and also good packaging that keeps the skin hydrated for a really long time. This results in a soft, smooth skin. And thus l’oreal is India ‘s best dry skin moisturizer for any occasion.

Plum E moisturiser

This moisturizer cream gives your skin 24 hours of hydration. It can be used on any kind of facial that has mild or extremely dry skin. Restore the natural glow of your skin by using nutrients such as vitamin E and 100 percent vegan jojoba oil that contains paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruel-free. The Plum E is India ‘s best dry skin moisturizer, particularly at its reasonable price.

How a skin moisturiser works?

The most important skin products are the cleansers and moisturizers, particularly for softening dry skin. A skin moisturizer works by trapping moisture into the skin’s outer layer, and removing moisture from the skin’s inner layers to the outer layer.

Petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, and dimethicone are key ingredients which seal in humidity. Glycerine, propylene glycol, proteins, urea, and vitamins help to bring water into the skin’s outer layer.

Things to consider when shopping for a moisturiser for dry skin

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Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically Tested ‘is an assurance badge that the product will not irritate the skin or cause damage. These tests are performed by conducting various tests on human volunteers to check the risk of products causing any discomfort. So never buy a product that doesn’t offer any guarantee that the product is free. Look for this emblem or writings on the bottle, and buy a skin important product only afterwards.

Must be lightweight

The object of purchasing a moisturizer is merely to moisturize and hydrate skin cells, and it is the only important factor to consider. But several humidifiers make the feeling sticky and tacky. Ideally you should always choose a skin care product according to your type of skin. Not only does a lightweight moisturizer help heal dry patches and minute scales, but it also gives you a non-oily feeling that ensures your skin is hydrated without pore-clogging.

Must be hydrating

The next thing to consider when you decide to buy a hydrating moisturizer is the ingredients of a moisturizer. The ingredients which give the skin layers ultra-hydration deep are best suited for dry skin.

Must contain non irritants

The next most important thing to look for is that the moisturizer should be non-toxic and non-irritant. It must be free of paraben and sulphates that can irritate the skin and, if used in the long run, cause more dryness and inflammation. Buying a product that doesn’t contain these ingredients is safer, though.

  • Stop taking a hot-water bath, instead go for warm water 
  • Use a soft towel and pat dry your skin 
  • Apply moisturizer immediately 
  • Stop using harsh chemical-loaded soaps, face wash or body wash 
  • A touch of moisturizer before you sleep 
  • You can also use a humidifier

Why is moisturising important?

Moisturizing is an important step in keeping the healthy cells in your skin and protecting it from irritation. People who loyally moisturize in their youth, when they are older, are much more likely to have beautiful complexions.

It is necessary to moisturise your skin to help prevent more breakouts. It can cause breakouts and acne when your skin is dry and irritated. By moisturizing your skin you can lower the chances of any skin issues that may occur. Face moisturizers help balance the tint of your skin and avoid acne breakouts. And moisturizing is not only for women-it is also an important habit for men to incorporate into their daily routine.

What kind of moisturisers are there?

There are several types of moisturizers that suit your skin type. If you want an oil-free lotion or a richer cream, it can be pain-free and easy to find the right face moisturizer for your needs.

If you can find a moisturizer that helps protect against harmful UV rays, you ‘re going to be at an even better spot. UV rays are liable to damage the skin cells, leading to dry, flaccid skin and blemishes. If you can protect your skin before you go out, you ‘re more likely to have healthier, more youthful skin.

What happens when you don’t moisturise?

One result of not moisturizing your skin is getting more splotchy in your complexion. The health of your skin depends on being clean and maintaining the moisture, so the more radiant your color would be the healthier your skin is.

Examples of factors that can cause your skin to dry out are hot water, elementary damage and dry air in your home. Putting moisturizer on your skin after leaving the shower helps lock in the moisture.

Applying directly after the shower also helps protect your skin against the elements. When the skin loses oxygen, cells fail to regenerate. This results in sebum overproduction and dry or flaccid skin. Your skin, however, will regenerate cells when your skin is hydrated and clean, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

How can one properly moisturise?

It’s crucial to apply your moisturizer the right way, and there are certain moisturizing errors to avoid. Rubbing your skin vigorously is harmful, and not using the right amount will make your lotion ineffective. When applying your moisturizer, rather than rubbing, pat the lotion onto your flesh. This helps to uniformly distribute the substance to your skin cells, without injury. Applying to all areas that display aging such as your face , arms, and chest is helpful. Upward application of strokes helps to work against gravity and discourages your skin from slackening. The use of gentle, circular strokes also helps to reduce the puffiness and distributes the product evenly. Think of it as a facial massage and you will have the added advantage that it is a soothing operation.