Mathura in Holi

5 Reasons Why One Must Visit Mathura In Holi

Finally, the festival of colors is here and the religious city of Mathura is fully prepared to celebrate it with all bangs and booms. Holi celebrations of Mathura are world-famous and people from across the globe visit this place to witness this festival. It is a sight for the sore eyes. This festival has its own religious values related to Lord Krishna and Radha. Planning to visit Mathura in Holi then read on to know more

The lath mar Holi of Barsana district is a must watch sight where the ladies hit their husbands (Horiyaare) with a bamboo stick known as Lath in Hindi. The phoolon wali Holi makes you feel like heaven. There are flowers everywhere and the fragrance consumes your soul and gives you a divine experience. The Holi celebration in Mathura starts a week before.

 If you are planning to visit this place then you must book your hotel rooms in advance to avoid last-minute hurdles.

Be there to witness these 5 reasons to visit Mathura in Holi:

Lathmaar Holi

Mathura in holi
Source: Pixabay

This holi is celebrated a day before actual Holi. On the first day of Lath Mar Holi, men from Nandgaon district visit Barsana district to play Holi with the females of Barsana.

It is believed that Lord Krishna used to gather with his friends and visit the district of Barsana to play Holi with Radha. His friends also use to play Holi with the females there and they were dragged out of the district in offense by the friends of Radha.

The festival begins with a prayer meet at the Radha Rani temple. After this ceremony men then march out of the temple on the Rang Rangeeli Gali where they stop to play Holi with the females, who stand in groups along the street and welcome all the males by hitting them with their laths. Men try to protect themselves with their shields.

This kind of Holi is only celebrated in Mathura and thus it makes this lathmaar holi the most important thing to witness in Mathura. This is a lifetime experience that one could never forget.

When and where: Lathmaar holi on 23rd March 2021 in Barsana

Phoolon vali Holi

Phoolon waali Holi Source: Pixabay

This holi is played in front of the banke Bihari temple. Thousands of people gather here and play Holi with their lord. The celebration starts early in the morning with the priests commencing the prayers and showering the devotees with flower petals.

People here believe that Lord Krishna visits his birthplace to play Holi with his devotees. People shower each other with flowers instead of gulal. The gates of the Banke Bihari temple open around 4 p.m. after which flowers are showered on the devotees by the priests.

The best time to visit and experience would be to arrive as soon as possible, to allow enough time to be able to take the perfect shot of the flowers mid-air and to get a place in the front row itself.

When and Where: 25th March 2021 at Banke Bihari temple

Widows Holi at Vrindavan

Widows in India were ill-treated and were considered to be a witch who consumed her husband to live a longer life. The NGO named Sulabh international along with the ministry of Mathura have given widows a respectable life. They are also allowed to participate and play this festival of colors to add some colors to their life.

The widows gather at the Gopinath temple in Vrindavan and play Holi with colors and flowers and worship their lord too. They sing traditional songs and hymns and dance to the tunes. Last year widows from Varanasi also joined this celebration in Varanasi and the atmosphere was filled with tears and happiness.

The tear of joy in the eyes of these widows who have been disowned by their own families is a sight to watch. They forget their sorrows and sing and dance. You must visit the Gopinath temple of Vrindavan to feel this divine experience and share some moments of joy with these women.

When and where: 27th March 2021 in Mathura

Bhaang- The main course


Bhaang is consumed in large quantities on holi as people here believe that Krishna used to drink this and then play Holi with his friends. It is considered as a “Prashad” from their lord on Holi. They begin the preparation of bhang by reciting prayers and then distributing to as many people as possible in the form of God’s gift.

It is a drink which is made by mixing dry fruits like pistachios and almonds in hot milk with the cannabis leaves and kesar.  It is served hot as well as in chilled form. People also make ladoos of bhang and consume them on Holi to enjoy the festival with full energy. The drink in considered to enhance anxiety.

Holi Procession in Mathura

After the Holi is over in Vrindavan people march towards Mathura to play Holi with gulal and water balloons. The celebration of Holi starts at the famous Holiishram ghat of Mathura city. The festival of Holi is known as Dauji Huranga and is played with the family of the people who built the ancient Krishna temple. People gather to hear from across the world to play Huranga. Dau was the elder brother of Krishna and Mathura was his kingdom.

Dauji Ka Huranga is significant as it marks the end of the Holi celebrations in Braj Bhoomi. When finally done, the women raise a flag and the priest of the Dauji temple declares the festivities are finally over. It is also considered that Lord Krishna has to march back to his place and everyone has to get back to their daily work.

Temples, ghats, ashrams, and even the streets of Mathura are all colored like rainbows. People of all ages can be seen enjoying this festival with great enthusiasm.


Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The followers of Krishna have been celebrating Holi with their lord from the past 500 years in the same manner as it is celebrated today. There are a lot of mythological stories that are connected to this place of the Lord. The colorful celebrations and the divine atmosphere that is filled in the ambiance of this place makes it the best place to witness the festival of colors.