25 best places to visit in Summers

25 Best Places To Visit In Summers

Your motivation to check for 25 best places to visit in Summers might be anything; some of you will be looking for places with a welcoming atmosphere in Summers and some will be involved in the month’s local festivals. Summers is the month of warm sun and cold winds in most parts of India, making it an ideal time to fly to areas that can’t be visited during the summer months as they get hot and sticky.

Whether you want to lose yourself in the dense forests of Panna National Park, swim in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, or just drink a cup of hot coffee when beginning from the various shapes of the hills, there’s a spot for you!

Let’s take a look at best places to travel during Summers

1. Velas village in Ratnagiri: turtle festival best places to travel during Summers

It is a small fishing village on the western coast of Maharashtra, in Ratnagiri. Velas has about hundreds of typical houses on the serene coast of the Arab Sea at a radius of about 220 km from the busy and booming Mumbai. Velas Village has a lovely and peaceful beach that can be reached throughout the year, but Summers is the perfect time for the sun to rise and welcome the little hatchlings into this universe. The hatchlings can be seen making their baby steps towards the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. That is one of India’s top places to visit in Summers.

2. Goa : for a lively experience one of the top places to visit during Summers

Visit Goa is one of the cleverest moves to make in Summers. It is one of India’s finest places to visit in Summers, not just because of its relaxing atmosphere, but also because of the state’s biggest Hindu folk festival named Shigmo. The festival stretches over a fortnight, and on different days, one can see float parades in various parts of Goa. The participants perform various styles of dance including Chitrarath, Romtamel, and Folk dance.

Even, if you’re sick of Goa’s crazy crowd and hate being around too many loud visitors, then Summers is the right time for you to come and visit this spot. This is the moment when in reality you will live the Goan life and actually rest in peace on the beautiful beaches.

3. Lakshadweep: a walk in nature

If you’re loving a fun tropical climate, secluded beaches and warm waters then this Summers Lakshadweep should be your birthplace. Though some of the islands are also fun during the monsoon, if you want to swim in the seas without being disturbed and walk freely under the warm sun on the sandy beaches, then this is the right time. It is no doubt one of the best places to go during Summers

4. Havelock island: a serene marine life

Hovelock is another the best places to visit in India in Summers. Havelock Island is a pure heaven for peace seekers and enthusiasts of the aquatic planet from February until April. During the month of Summers, one can appreciate the very light and quiet ocean breezes, a clear sea and an almost flawless visibility on the island. Not only the weather makes Havelock one of India’s best places to visit in Summers, but it is also the perfect time to try some extreme scuba diving under the warm waters of the Arab Sea.

5. Rameshwaram: pleasant beaches

Don’t be fooled by the name given to Rameshwaram: The religious city. Settled right on the island of Pamban, it is separated by the Pamban channel from mainland India. Being an island area, Rameshwaram has some really nice beaches and Summers is the best month to experience this totally serene and beautiful town’s friendly environment. The town is also a picture-perfect place, ensuring you’ll come back with a lot of amazing shots. In late Summers it gets hot and humid, so don’t visit this spot during that time.

6. Ooty: scenic beauty

While Ooty is a year-round destination, it’s between Summers to June that the perfect time to explore this lovely hill station. It’s also one of India’s most popular honeymoon destinations to visit in Summers. Ooty is surrounded by lush green scenery, botanical gardens during the month of Summers and the lakes appear more beautiful than ever. In Summers, tea and spice gardens in Ooty continue to flower, painting the whole hill station in beautiful colours. In Ooty’s air you can scent the aroma of fresh tea and spices.

7. Coorg: the most romantic and, best places to go during Summers

Coorg is an evergreen resort, ensuring you can visit it any month of the year, but Summers is definitely the best time to visit this paradise. So what makes it one of Summers’s Best Holiday Destinations? Well, apart from the crazy natural beauty, it’s the most authentic music festival called the Storm Festival which takes place in Coorg from February to Summers. During the month, the temperature does not dip below 10 ° C, and does not reach 40 ° C, making it perfect for sightseeing. It’s the time when a lot of tourists flock to the hill station, so you have to book your accommodation beforehand. This is one of South India’s finest places to visit in Summers.

8. Chikmangloor: for a calm weather

This Summers, it is a new destination that needs to be explored. It is a lonely place surrounded by green lofty hills that will make you immediately fall in love with this little area. This picturesque hill town becomes a beautiful little paradise much enjoyed by lovers of mountains and couples. Anyone who is looking for the best place to honeymoon visit in Summers must visit this wonderful hill station. However, during the month of Summers to June the weather varies from 25 ° C to 30 ° C, which makes it extremely fun to visit the tourist places.

9. Wayanag: a place for hiking

If you are searching for tranquility and scenic beauty, Wayanad is your sort of place. This position retains many old-time stories and is expressed in their history. Travelers who love the Western Ghats will visit Wayanad as the weather is quite good during Summers. You can see the green coconut palms once again in this month, the towering verdant peaks and the dense forests that will help you discover them. It’s also the perfect time to walk, hike and spot the exotic wildlife at Tholpetty and Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, too.

10. Mount Abu: the colourful Gangaur

Mount Abu may not be on the bucket list for everyone but it is definitely one of Summers’s most popular and pleasant holiday destinations. Summers is the beginning of the summer season at Mount Abu, making it ideal for sightseeing so the days are good during that period. In particular, the evenings here are extremely pleasant, and the temperature does not go beyond 33 ° C. Apart from the pleasant weather, to see and participate in the Gangaur festival, one has to visit the town.

11. Delhi: capital of India

Planning to travel to India in Summers? Don’t think about the city, because it has a lot to offer. Delhi has it all, from the grand temples representing culture, tempting shopping markets to scrumptious cuisine. You can easily roam around the city when you visit Delhi in Summers, because the temperature is quite pleasant. Try the local cuisine and brace yourself to be blown away by your taste. The is among north India’s best places to visit in Summers.

12. Jaipur: the pink city

Famous as the pink city, Jaipur is a charming town where you can visit the historic forts and enjoy delicious Rajasthani cuisine. Don’t hesitate to walk around the vibrant city and go shopping for traditional clothing and more. In Jaipur you will experience hot air balloon trips too. You can also visit the famed Jaipur Elephant Festival while on a Summers holiday. In Summers this is India’s most popular tourist spot.

13. Mathura: a must visit place

Mathura, the holy city where Lord Krishna was born, is the abode for beautiful temples of great religious significance. The Yamuna River flows through the heart of the city, and the city has 25 ghats out of which Vishram Ghat is the most famous. The temperature in Summers is perfect for exploring the temples, as it is neither too hot nor too cold. If you are looking for the best places to visit India during Summers, move over here.

14. Rishikesh: meditation at its best

A traveler’s paradise, Rishikesh is a destination for all those searching cafes, relaxing places, ashrams of yoga and more. Tourists from all over the world visit Rishikesh in Summers to engage in the International Yoga Festival. One can go to Uttarakhand’s impeccable city and try a few yoga poses!

15. Kaziranga national park: wildlife in the best form

This one is for all the animal lovers and the thrill seekers. Kaziranga National Park was established in 1905, and is located in Assam. In this park you can easily spot many species of fauna, and you can also book your own safari. If you plan a family trip in Summers, then plan it for Assam and visit this national park.

16. Shillong: india’s Scotland

Planning a holiday to Meghalaya in Summers? Forget not to add Shillong to your list. Shillong is Meghalaya’s capital, and is a picturesque traveler-famous hill station. The town has lots of zoos, museums, golf courses and lakes you can explore on your holiday. You can also go to the spectacular waterfalls or music festivals that are often held in the region since it is India’s music hub. This is one of India’s places to visit in Summers.

17. Varanasi: holiest city

Always looking for places to go to India in Summers? Popular as the holiest city among the hindus, Varanasi is certainly a location for those of you who want to experience India’s holy hand. According to Hindu mythology Varanasi is believed to have been founded by Lord Shiva. Hindus and those who practice Buddhism have a lot of social as well as spiritual significance in the Region. Go to City to enlighten yourself spiritually!

18. Udaipur: mewari holi

Apart from being popular for the City Palace, Udaipur is also renowned for the locals ‘ way of celebrating Holi. Every year a grand celebration is arranged which starts by lighting a bonfire on the first day and is followed by playing with colors on the second day. Do attend this festival in Summers while visiting India in an incredible way to enjoy the festival of colors.

19. Tawang: surreal beauty

The quaint town of Tawang is quite picturesque in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. During the month of Summers, the good weather conditions render it a popular destination for travellers. Dalai Lama’s hometown, Tawang is renowned for its monasteries, and is holy to Buddhists. Experience the peaceful scenery and magical wonders of Andhra Pradesh in this beautiful town of Tawang during the month of Summers.

20. Kodaikanal: gift of forest is one of the best places to visit in Summers

Kodaikanal is a scenic hill town in South India, in Tamil Nadu. The city is lush green and abundant in natural beauty which makes it the paradise of any nature enthusiast. The scenery is beautiful with streams, waterfalls and wooded valleys. Summers brings out the best of these natural ingredients and draws a number of visitors from across the world. Have a great time rowing boats at Kodaikanal lake and there you can even enjoy biking and cycling in nature.

21. Ranthambore: best national park

The Ranthambore Fort, which once belonged to the Chauhan Royal dynasty, is the main attraction in Ranthambore. The fort is assumed to be built in the 12th century, and reveals Rajasthan’s true culture. Located in the thick Ranthambore woods, the site is one of the best to be visited in India during the month of Summers.

22. Amritsar: culturally rich city

Amritsar is one of Punjab state’s most coveted cities. Amritsar’s community and welcoming people only make you want to invest some extra time here! During your visit to this side of Punjab, the various eateries, awe-inspiring attractions and breathtaking history of this city of Punjab will keep you engaged and excited. In addition, Amritsar will mesmerize you with a soothing weather in the month of Summers!

23. Munnar: get close to nature

Since it’s the start of Summers in the month of Summers, you’ll be witnessing nature at its best in Munnar town. This Kerala region which lies in the midst of the Western Ghats was once a resort town for the British elites. Known for its beautiful sites, Munnar’s natural features will just wake you up. The city is famous for its lush green tea plantations, which will steal your heart

24. Hampi: temples and a lot more

Loved by both its religious and historic sites, the town of Karnataka, Hampi has a lot to store for its visitors. Famous as an ancient settlement, Hampi is home to a number of temple complexes that will impress you with both their historicity and excellence in architecture. Established at an elevation of about 470 metres, Hampi is an ideal location for both history buffs and nature lovers alike. Throughout the year, the town invites you and Summers is considered one of the best months to visit Hampi.

25. Khajuraho: monuments of love

Summers can be considered one of the best months to visit Khajuraho, because it’s neither hot nor cold in Madhya Pradesh state during this time of the month. This is the month where you can plan and make the most of a smooth city tour with ease! Khajuraho can amaze history buffs and archeology fans alike as a collection of numerous monuments featuring exquisite works of art! Khajuraho can comfortably be included as one of India’s best places to visit in Summers.

Wrap Up

We trust this list of tourist destinations to be explored in India in Summers can help you find the right place for you. If those locations are interesting enough for you, then you can automatically schedule your Indian tour in Summers month!